Marvin E. Banks

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22 April 1944

Dear Service Club Members:

Received your recent alumnae letter on the 13th of April- I had just been admitted to the station hospital to received treatments for an acute case of Laryngitis. Today is my first of our bed and with temperature back to normal- I hope- the orderly had just stuck a thermometer in my mouth now.

From the address on your envelope, it appears that I have neglected to keep you informed on my changes. We have moved several times since being stationed at Avon Park Fla.

My present address is:

Sgt. Marvin E. Banks, 31143987
478th Bomb Sq. 336th Bomb Gp.
Army Air Field, Lake Charles, La.

I have not received your Easter package yet; it will probably be waiting for me when I return to my squadron upon discharge from the hospital.

Sure do appreciate your packages and also the letters telling about various Bryant Alumnae that are in the Service.

The result of your good work will not be shown in dollars and cents but will show up in the loves of the service men you have cheered on.

Sgt Marvin E. Banks.

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