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January 13, 1943

To the members of the Bryant Service Club:--

This will have to be just a short note to thank you for your very much unexpected Christmas gift.

Although it didn't reach me until just a few days ago, it certainly came in handy. I was one of the more fortunate sailors at this base, who managed to get a 7-day leave for the holidays, and I missed pay day, which was on the fifth of January. Naturally, when any service man returns from a leave, he is broke, as usual. It was just about when the package came in that I was ready to write home, with my old familiar school-time saying, "Dad, send me some more money."

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciated that gift of cigaretts [sic]. Until one is in the service of this country, he can't appreciate how any service man feels when he knows that the friends he left behind are thinking of him.

Perhaps it would interest you to know, that one of the Bryant Alumni, of the Class of '38, is stationed here with me. His name is George Matros. We are both working in the Personnel Office.

Some of the other Bryant graduates that I have met down here are Pearl Androphy, who is employed by the Board of Economic Warfare, in Washington: Jimmy Erlin, who is stationed at the Marine Base, in Quantico, Virginia: Richard Walrath, who is stationed at Camp Bradford--Allen; and Ensign Johnny Mac Cusker, who was attached to this station, but has now been transferred.

As it is now about 0100, I think it best for me to knock-off for the time being, here's wishing the Bryant Service Club loads of luck, and I hope, or as a matter of fact I think I am safe in saying, that the other former Bryant students, were as deeply appreciative of your thoughtfulness as I am.

So, thanks again!

Laurence J. Barbeau

P.S., See attached list for names and addresses of some of the student body, whom you have incorrectly listed, or not listed at all.
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