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A.F C. G. Albert Barsalou
30 15th Co.
140th O.B.A.M. BN.
M.O.P. Jackson Miss.


June 25, 1943

Dear Bryant:

In appreciation of your gift, I wish to send a note of thanks to all the hearty supporters of the Bryant Service Club. I also wish to extend my thanks to the committee for their work in this wonderful club.

It is very gratifying for a soldier to be so cheerfully remembered by his alma mater. I’m sure every member of Bryant now in the Armed Forces feels as I do. I never realized what an important part “keeping up the moral [sic]” played in this war until I came into the Army. You may rest assured that your efforts are not in vain.

My new life as a soldier started March 27th at Fort Devans [sic]. From there I was shipped to Camp Lee, Va. with quite a number of fellow Bryant Students. We went through our five weeks at Lee together. Needless to say we were all thankful for being together those first few weeks. After basic however we were pretty well seperated [sic]. William Bander, George Dion, Jimmy Dunn and myself were sent down here to the Miss. Ordnance Plant.

At the present thanks to the typing course I took at Bryant, I am now working at our Battalion Headquarters in the capacity of company clerk. The work is very interesting and it keeps me fairly busy.

Again I wish to thank you for your thoughtfulness.

As ever,
Albert Barsalou “44”
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