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World War II;Louis Bastone

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506 Florida Avenue
Tampa, Fla.

August 2, 1942

Chairman of Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Sir,

Please accept my sincere thanks for your generous gift. I certainly appreciate it and I can’t describe how happy it makes me feel to be a part of Bryant.

At the present time, I am really enjoying the service. I am a clerk in the Aviation Ordnance Department. I find the military system of office work very interesting. Thanks to Bryant College in preparing me for this type of work and in doing this I am serving my country to the best that I am suited for.

I found your letter very interesting and am looking forward to receiving more. You can rest assured that I will do my part to help “good old U.S.A.” go over the top.

Yours in Victory,
Corporal Louis Bastone
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