Louis Bastone

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July 13, 1943
Tampa, Florida

Bryant Service Club
Providence, Rhode Island
Attention: Letter-Writing Committee

Dear Service Club Members,

I received your last letter of May 30, 1943 today and want to express that it was swell to hear from you all again.

Your last letter and package of cigarettes was received quite some time ago and that I also acknowledged receipt in thanking the Bryant Service Club for its great spirit towards the men in service.

May I first begin in saying that it is a real pleasure to receive your letter and to know that Bryant is right behind her men who are doing all they can to maintain our country free. Your letters are very interesting and I look forward to receiving more. It gives me a grand feeling to know that the men and women of Bryant think of us often and, we, in the service, also wish to express the same. You are all doing more than your share in planning blood donations, war bond contests and other victory activities. Only through such sacrifices our reward will result in complete victory.

Everything is well with me as could be expected and I sincerely know that history will be made when we will all be back for that grand reunion.

With all this in mind, carry on your great work and wishing the best of luck to you all.

Best regards,

S/Sgt. Louis Bastone
Class of 1939-Evening Division [Transcription ends]