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July 6, 1943

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Rhode Island

Dear Friends:

I have received your letter of May 30th and gratefully acknowledge it.

I also gratefully acknowledge the package which you sent me for Christmas. Somehow or other it got delayed, through no fault of yours as the address was correct. It was just one of those unexplainable foulings that we run into now-a-days. Outside of one or two pieces being squashed, they were in first class order and quite a few of the other boys enjoyed them as well as myself. Thanks again.

Since entering the service in January 1941, I cannot say that I have seen any action as I have been always stationed in New England. From January to October, 1941, while in the Army, I was stationed at Camp Devens, Fort Adams, and Camp Edwards. Then a short civilian respite between the enactment of the “over 28 Act affecting Selective Service” and the Declaration of War; after which I joined the Navy, being a member of both the Army Enlisted Reserve Corps and the U. S. Navy for thirteen days due to overlapping joining the Navy in January 1942, I have fought the Battle of Boston Harbor for eighteen months, serving at the Charlestown Navy Yard and at present at the U. S. S. Fargo (9 decks and a cement bottom at 495 Summer Street). I have received notice of transfer twice but each time it has been cancelled.

Enlisting as a Storekeeper 3rd Class, I have progressed through 2nd Class and am now Storekeeper 1st Class. Having been recommended for Lieutenant (j. g.) but which Washington turned down for some unknown reason.

Last February I married a young lady (Miss Barbara Kelley of North Quincy) whom I met in Boston since entering the Navy so that my service on shore has not been without its advantages.

I will close by saying I have hopes of not being a dry land sailor through all of this, as I would like to see some sea duty.

Thanks again for everything and please keep me posted.

Sincerely yours,
Lincoln C. Bateson

Lincoln Carr Bateson
SK 1c, U. S. N. R.
Navy Receiving Station
Boston, Massachusetts
Disbursing Office
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