Mario Rogue;Bernard Vezina;Frank Zorra;Raymond E. Piette

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[Transcription begins] ARMY AIR FORCES
7:00 P.M. BSC: I received your interesting and welcome letter today at mail call. You can’t even begin to realize the memories of many happy days at Bryant it stirred. I’ve graduated as a Radio Operator and Mechanic, and will spend six weeks here in Flexible Gunnery training; Then will come three months of Operational Training with a combat crew, and finally a Slap at the Jap, or a Gun for the Hun (sounds like Vinal puns). I received you’re [sic] package and am unable to express my gratitude. All I can say is, “Thanks a million”. I’d like you to remember me to Mr. Appleby, Just say, “[?], Willie was asking for you”. He’ll understand. Also give my regards, and the regards of the “Unholy Five”, as we were known, to all the faculty. To those of you who don’t know they were: Ray Piette – ASTP- Akron Ohio.
Mario Rogue- Blackburg Va.
Bernard (Curly) Vezina- Unknown at Present
Frank Zorra- Somewhere in England I hope to get a furlough in a few months, and if I do, you can bet I’ll visit good old B.C. Until then-thanks again for the cigarettes and letter. Good Luck in your plans for the future. ‘Til we meet again
Bill MY ADDRESS: FRANK ZORRA’S ADDRESS Pfc. Wm Bento Pvt. Frank Zorra
Sqdn A. Class 44-4 Finance Office APO 64.
Bks 41B Section 6 c/o Postmaster
Tyndall Field, Fla. New York City