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February 8th, 1943

Dear Sir—

I am a graduate of Bryant College, 1936 and at present am attending the Army Finance School here at Fort Benjamin Harrison. Insomuch as you have been very gracious to me on several other occasions, I am turning to you once more for assistance.

I am seeking an appointment as a warrant officer in the Finance Department of the Army and my formal application requires a letter of reference, with two signed original copies.

Am hoping that you can assist me in this matter inasmuch as your name on a letter of recommendation would help my application considerably. The only necessary consideration is that considerable urgency is required on my part as my application must be submitted by the 20th of February. Although I realize that you must be quite busy these days, I am hoping that you may be able to spare a few moments in which to grant my request.

Thank you very much for any consideration which you may be able to give me. I also wish to again thank the Bryant Service Club through you, for the thoughtfulness of the Christmas gift. It was a wonderful gesture and makes one feel very good to know that his Alma Mater is still thinking of him.

Very truly yours,
Private Walter L. Bergquist
Company H—2nd Finance Training
Platoon 1
Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana
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