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5 January 1944

Irani town, Iran

To the Bryant Service Club-

All the thanks in the world for the Christmas package. Same arrived in perfect condition after traveling most of the distance around the globe to reach your truly. We, that is myself plus the remainder of my barracks, proceeded to devour the contents in short order, and all and all were amazed to know that a fellow’s school would perform such a service. When they were them [sic] informed by me that this was the third package received by this soldier from the Bryant Service Club since my entry into the service, their praise for your great work was [?].

To their praises I wish to add that my appreciation for the gracious gesture is beyond words. Just the thought done was worth a million dollars to this fellow’s morale and in this thought I only echo the thoughts of all other Bryant alumni serving their country overseas.

Gratefully Yours
Walter L. Bergquist

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