WWII;Robert Bernstein;James J. LaRussa;David P. Kaufman;Jerome K. Goldberg

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10 Dec. 1944

Dear Bryant,

It was indeed a surprise and a pleasure to receive that nice package of candy you sent. I really enjoyed it immensely as did the other boys in the Office that helped me eat it.

I imagine old Bryant has changed considerably since we left it. I heard that Scott House noted for the "wolves" when we were there has changed over to the more sedate side now and has girls there. Quite a change, I imagine!

Some of the boys still write from all over the world; Jim La Russa is on Tinian & Donald Rubenstein is on Saipan--both in the Marianas. Dave Kaufman is now a Lt. as a bombadier-navigator training in Texas and Jerry Goldberg is at Ft. Louis, Washington. I imagine I'm about the farthest away from Bryant here in India half way around the world.

Give my regards to the faculty. Thanks again!

Bob Bernstein
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