Rudy A. Bigda


World War II;Rudolph A. Bigda


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R. A. Bigda
2098 QM Trk (Am)
A.P.O. 402
Nashville, Tennessee

June 23, 1943 [Postmark date]

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

It certainly is quite charming to receive gifts thru [sic] the generosity and good fellowship of students that I have never seen and it is with deep appreciation and gratitude that I acknowledge the receipt of your most welcome gift.

As you probably recognize I am now a 2nd Lt. and have traveled quite extensively in the past two months with different organizations. In fact I have been in about 18 states and at least 12 or 15 different posts.

It surprises me to think of the long way your gift had to come- but nevertheless it finally reached me - even out in the world on maneuvers – which makes the thoughtfulness on your part doubly surprising.

There isn’t much I can say except to thank you as a group + as fellow students and to ask you to keep up your good work on the home front – we’ll take care of the field.


R. A. Bigda