Rudy A. Bigda


World War II; Rudolph A. Bigda


[Transcription begins]

Mr. R. A. Bigda
Cprl. 3rd Reg’t [indecipherable]
A.P.O. # 402
Nashville, Tennessee

March 23, 1943 [Postmark date]

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island


It is truly a source of joy to receive your letters and cards and even though I am pressed for time I will acknowledge a small amount of my appreciation on this card. A letter of many pages would not fully describe my real appreciation at being remembered by you—but I certainly shall try to write a much longer letter upon the completion of my specialist course in about 4 weeks.

There isn’t much that I can say right now in regard to my present status but upon my release from here and re-assignment to a new post I will gladly inform you as to my actions since Christmas. I know you will appreciate the position I am in, at the moment, and will bear with me for a few more weeks.

Do not use my present address or rank as a permanent one as I am here only temporarily—I will be re-rated and reassigned shortly. Thanks again for your thoughts and those handy flat fifties.


R. A. Bigda ’35 [Transcription ends]