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Sgt. F.A. Bither
Hq. X.X Corps, APO 270
c/o Pm. New York City
April 30, 1944

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Rhode Island

Dear Folks,

It has been a long time since I have heard from you, and your letter of April six which was sent to Camp Folk, thence to England is greatly appreciated.

I haven’t seen anyone from my class for over a year, but keep in touch through correspondence, with Lt. Paul Filipowich, who is now in Texas, and Seaman 2/class Curtis Dickenman, who is at sea in the pacific area. There is a man who was in the class of ’41 in the same unit with me here. He is Sgt. Harold Roberts from Fall River.

In your recent letter you mentioned “Buss” Frechette, who was a good friend of mine during my college days, and although it isn’t too pleasant to know that he is a prisoner of war, it is nice to know that he is alive.

It is good to hear of what is going on at Bryant, and with my fellow classmates. Maybe you can tell me sometime what has become of J. Fulvio Penza who used to be one of my buddies from Providence. I have also had several letters from my Fraternity President (now in New Guinea) Frank McKendall. Is Tau Epsilon still functioning the same as it used to? Ah, those were the good old days.

If we are to get the war over with, I guess I had better stop writing this letter on government time, (24 hours a day).

Give my regards to any classmates of mine who might stop around.

Fred A. Bither

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