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Cambridge 38, Mass

8 Sept. 1943

Bryant Service Club

Bryant College

Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Chairman:

I haven’t written very much lately but there has been a change in my duties and my address. As you will notice I am writing from Cambridge, Mass, the home of Harvard University which is the place I am attending. We start classes the 13th of this month and then it will be a rushed or rather a very much accelerated affair for three months and then, seven enjoyable days for a furlough. I am about to undertake and pursue a course in basic engineering, which will be a great deal different from the type and nature of the work I had formerly been doing. We now have the opportunity to enjoy Boston and its recreational facilities for a week and tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing the Red Six play the Yanks at Fenway park tomorrow afternoon. I was wondering if there was a chance to obtain a copy of the 1942-43 yearbook as I would like to have one for my own.?

Yours Sincerely,

Pct. William A. Bliven, 31243912

Co “C” Gore Hall I-21

A.S.T.U. – S.C.S.U. #1144

Harvard University

Cambridge, 38, Massachusetts

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