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15 December 1943

Dear Bryant Service Club:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful Xmas remembrance- thought maybe you had lost my address for a while but I know just how big a job you have in getting your work done on time.

The package was received this week in good condition + I was certainly pleased with it. We are, at present, in the second week of our basic course, second term, after returning from a 7 day furlough which ware given every 12 weeks to those who are fortunate to continue in the program. This program is one which keeps us on the move from 06:30 to 2300 every day except for weekends.

We now have to learn and learn fast of we will be too far behind to keep up with the studies. Life has a little too much military life so we can only say we are the army getting an education- not college students. Everyday is routine; very little excitement.

Best Regards to all
“Bill” Bliven.

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