Bryant Literary Review

Volume 18 (2017)

Student Editors’ Welcome

ON the surface, the editorial process of this year’s Bryant Literary Review seems an odd thing. Between Finance courses and intramural soccer, an Economics major and a Communication major read dozens of short story submissions. Many might assume that the challenges of curating the perfect collection of poetry and fiction would be too great for Bryant students. What could a business student possibly know about quality literature?

As it turns out, we learned a thing or two about quality literature in the editorial process. The power of good writing is its accessibility and flexibility. The pliable nature of words allows for a multitude of meanings and opens up written creation to all people. If the purpose of literature is to convey a story, a meaning, a feeling, then good writing does not require an elite literary mind. Good writing requires a reader who is actively engaged in the work; it is a contract between reader and writer. As Student Editors, we immersed ourselves in the fiction submissions, and the work was a release. The stories were a welcome escape from the minutia of our daily lives. They allowed us to travel to different places and to experience different perspectives. We learned the writing’s true value is the proliferation of various worldviews, understandings, and emotions.

The 18th edition of the Bryant Literary Review would not have been possible without Professor Tom Roach, Professor Tom Chandler, and Lucie Koretsky. We are thankful to them for allowing us to be a part of the BLR community; for us, this collection feels like a family of writers and poets. We are blessed to have experienced stories and poems from across the globe in our small, cozy office together and are grateful to be sharing our joy with you.

Kelsey Gainor (Communication, 2017)
Liam Rice (Economics, 2017)

Student Fiction Editors


Tom Chandler
Fiction & Managing Editor
Tom Roach
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Lucie Koretsky, Austen Farrell
Student Poetry Editor
Tim Laffin
Student Fiction Editors
Kelsey Gaynor, Liam Rice

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