Bryant Literary Review

Volume 2 (2001)

Editor's Note

Welcome to the second annual issue of the Bryant Literary Review (BLR). The roots of the BLR lie in a literary magazine called Surge. Guided by the later professor Jeanette White, it contained the work of Bryant College students. As the liberal arts curriculum has evolved at Bryant, the idea of a literary journal of national scope has met with enthusiastic support from the college community.

We would like to thank the hundreds who submitted material but whose work we could not publish at this time. We also want to thank the Bryant Arts Association, our contributors, and Professor Joe Urgo, who was one of our founders. We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our local newspapers, The Woonsocket Call and The Pawtucket Times, as well as Bryant College’s Academic Affairs Division, Institutional Advancement Division, Department of English & Humanities, and Faculty Development Center.

Find a comfortable chair and some good reading light, and settle in to enjoy the vivid imaginations of our talented contributors.

Happy reading!

Kimberly Pike
Student Editor


Tom Chandler
Fiction Editor
Nora Barry
Managing Editor
Ron Pitt
Student Editor
Kimberly Pike
Student Editorial Assistant
Melanie Farrara

Additional Information

Design and Layout
Rebecca Chandler
Cover Photograph
"Castrillo, Spain" (2000) by Tom Chandler