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Pvt. Herbert A. Bonn, Det. Med. Dept.
A.A.F. Reg. Sta. Hospital #1
Coral Gables 34, Fla.

December 16, 1943

The Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Hope Street
Providence, R. I.

Seasons Greetings, Students!

Mail Call in the Army is the most exciting and important event in the life of a soldier miles away from his home and those he holds dear to him. There is nothing for sale that will ever match in true value a note or letter from one of those he has left behind. In a very personal way, it lets him know what little he is doing is not in vain nor is it forgotten.

The few letters a soldier does receive are almost invariable from his home. Occasionally, a welcome letter appears from someone the soldier thought had forgotten him. These are read and re-read dozens of times.

Such was the letter from THE BRYANT SERVICE CLUB giving the latest news of Bryant and announcing that a gift of candy was on its way. Boy, was I glad to get that letter!

Last night at mail call the fellow yelled, "Bonn, you have an insured package upstairs." I did not dare get it at that time for, if I did, I would have had all the candy eaten before I got any myself. So I picked it up later and took it to work with me this morning.

It arrived in excellent condition and will be doled out to a chosen few over a long period of time. You can rest assured that it was more than appreciated.

Just a word about myself. I am assigned as a skilled statistician in the Personnel Department here at the Miami Biltmore Hotel (Hospital). Work six days a week with time for swimming, fishing, sailing, golfing, and just loads of other forms of entertainment available in the tropics. (Seems strange to read of freezing temperatures in the North when it is well over 70° here)

Thank you, again,
Herbert A. Bonn
Herbert A. Bonn '38
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