World War II;Anthony F. Bowler, Jr.

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Season's Greetings

4th Weather Squadron
Harding Field, La
December 23, 1942

To Members of Bryant Service Club,

Thanks for the two boxes of candy, both of which arrived in fine condition. It pleased me very much that some one remembered that I don’t use smokes. The candy doesn’t keep well here. It’s a good thing the boys all like candy or the roaches would get it before I could eat much of it.

I had a pleasant furlough a few weeks back and saw most of the teachers and can see what has happened since last Christmas.

I guess all of us in the service appreciate being remembered this year at the Holiday Season when so many of us are so far from home. We’re all hoping that we will be remembered again next Christmas, but not sent to military addresses.

Wishing you all a Victorious New Year and hope you keep up your good work.

Yours truly
Cpl. A. F. Bowler, Jr.