W. E. Brahmer wrote his letter on the back of page 2 of a letter sent to him from the Bryant College Service Club and this is included in the attached pdf document.


[Transcription begins]

W. E. Brahmer
c/o Mrs. L. H. Winell
Zillock Road, R.R. #1,
San Benito, Texas
Personal - Please Forward

San Antonio, Texas
July 17, 1943

Greetings to all-

Today I received your letter of May 30, 1943, postmarked July 9, 1943, which was sent to my home address as per my instructions of the past, and was forwarded by my folks.

It was very kind and thoughtful of you all to write the school news to me, and I want you all to know that I and other Bryant graduates appreciate, very very much, what you are doing for us in the way of letters, cigarettes, etc. It helps a great deal, believe me!

In your letter, you mentioned that you had sent a package on May 28, 1943, and that I had not acknowledged receipt of same. I received the two flat fifties of Camel’s [sic] and immediately mailed you a short note to thank you all, but apparently it was not received. It did not return to my permanent mail address in San Benito, Texas, so I assumed you received it. Anyhow, many thanks again to each of you.

Please keep my permanent mailing address, as given above, as my address on your records. Thanks!

Most sincerely,
W. E. Brahmer

[Transcription ends]