Elizabeth Bray


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1043 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, Mass.
October 25, 1942

Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.


My husband, Lt. Raymond G. Bray, has asked me to acknowledge a card which he received from you recently, concerning a package mailed to him at Ft. Bragg, No. Carolina.

He left Ft. Bragg on July 7 to attend Officer Candidate School, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and, therefore, this package was never received by him, but I know he appreciates being remembered by you. He wrote and told me about receiving the first package.

I feel sure that you will be interested to learn that he graduated from Officer Candidate School on October 2, and he is now a 2nd Lieutenant. He was given a thirteen day leave to report at Camp Roberts, California and he flew out to the West Coast on October 12. He is now attached to the 181st Field Artillery, East Garrison, Camp Roberts, California.

I thank you, too, for remembering him.

Elizabeth Bray
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