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10 February 1944

Hello Bryant Service Club;

After several months of floating around this universe your letter dated 8 December 1943 finally arrived the other day. It usually doesn't not take that long for mail to get up here, but I’ve made several changes in stations since I last wrote you. My new address is: Pfc. Eugene D. Bromberg, 11111501, Finance Office, Station No. 7, India China Wing, A. T. C., APO 467 c/o Post. N.Y, N.Y. When I received your letter it roughly had on the envelope 7 different address[es]. Even though it did take that long for the letter to reach me I really appreciated it. Learning all the latest news and what was going on around the college campus. Sorry to hear that the girls outnumber the boys ten to one. Better send a few to India where I’m sure us boys will appreciate them.

Right now I am in a Finance office up on the new “Ledo Road” in Asaam [sic]. And believe me they really are keeping us Finance men busy. No sooner we get through paying off one group of men and there is another waiting to get paid. But us Finance men live by the slogan, “Get ‘Em paid” first, and that’s what we’re doing. Pay day really means a lot to the fellows out here, although there isn’t any place to spend it and nothing to spend it on. I guess it helps build up the morale of the fellowsknowing [sic] that they can get paid regularly no matter where they happen to be stationed.

Recently an order came out of India China Wing Headquarters that all Air transport Command men serving in Assam, India were bestowed with the highest honors any group can receive for outstanding work that we have been doing. It was a citation from the President. After the fellows heard that I think that all of their morale jumped up several points, for so far during this was [sic] there had been only 2 other citations to any group by the President.

On the whole life up here isn’t too bad at all, although it does not compare at all with camp back in the States. We get 3 shows a week and the Post Exchange supplies are coming in regular. An improvement over the last 6 months, when we were not getting anything at all. Lately we have been getting 30 cans of beer a month plus cigarettes, candy, gum, toliet [sic] articles and etc.

Well Bryant Service Club that seems to be all the news from India so I’ll close hoping to hear from you again soon.

Very truely [sic] yours;
Eugene D. Bromberg ‘44 [Transcription ends]