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Published for the information of high school graduates who are interested in higher education for business.


Bryant College


  • United States Needs Secretaries, Accountants And Other Office Assistants
  • September 8th is the Date
  • Here’s the Question That Stumps Contestants on a Bryant Quiz
  • Part-Time Employment Registrations Being Made
  • Sigma Lambda Pi Elects 1941 “Snow Queen”
  • New Catalog Ready Soon
  • Faculty Member Celebrates 28th Year on Staff
  • “Employment? Yes- But What Kind?”
  • Need Not Take Examinations to Train for Commissions
  • Enrollment Limit Not to be Increased
  • Job Prospects Best Since 1937
  • 307 Students Were Graduated In August, 1940, Here Are A Few Of the 284 Who Were Employed Within Five Months
  • Bryant College Seventy-Eight Years Old
  • Courses Offered At Bryant College
  • Outstanding Facts About Bryant College
  • What Employers Say About Bryant Graduates
  • What Graduates Say About Bryant College

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