World War II;U. S. Army;Miami Beach

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U. S. Army

June 19, 1943

The Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Members….

Thanks so much for the cigarettes you sent me last week. You really can’t imagine just how much they are appreciated until you are in the service and receive letters and packages from friends back home.

I’m looking forward to getting a furlough in the near future and getting back to good old Rhode Island again. Although we have continuous summer weather down here in Florida, it will seem nice to get back to real New England summertime.

The Bryant Service Club is doing a fine job for the boys in the various branches of the service. Please accept my best wishes and keep up the good work. Thanks again for the gift.

Bertram F. Bullock

S/Sgt. B.F. Bullock- -U.S.A.
379 Base Hq. & Air Base Sq.
Miami Beach, Florida

[Transcription ends]