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July 17, 1943

Dear Bryant Service Club Members:

Thanks very much for your letter of July 9th enclosing a list of members of the classes of 1934 and 1935. There are several names on the list that I correspond with regularly and also a couple that I’ve been wondering about.

However, in the letter itself you mentioned that you had sent me a package on May 28th and as yet you had received not acknowledgement from me. But I did write you soon after receiving some camel cigarettes. If for some reason the letter did not reach you, I would like to express my thanks again now and also let you know that you have the correct address.

How I’d like to get up to Rhode Island for a good swim. Here at Miami Beach we have plenty of bathing facilities, but during the summer the temperature of the water reaches 85 or 88 degrees, and after a swim you are not refreshed like you lucky folks are a home. There is one break we get here in Florida though, and that is we can go bathing and lay on the beach wile you are wrapped up in heavy winter clothing to keep warm. The ocean temperature averages around 70 or 75 degrees in the winter and it sure feels good. Even this simmer we are getting the breaks. So far the hottest day we have had has been 86 and I’ve seen by the Providence Papers that you have had much warmer days even though you can look forward to a cool day now and then.

Well, again thanks for the letter and packages I’ve had from you folks. Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you all.

T/Sgt. B. F. Bullock

T/Sgt. Bertram F. Bullock
379 Base Hq. & Air Base Sq.
Miami Beach, Florida

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