Items listed include presentations presented at conferences attended by Bryant's Information Systems and Analytics Department faculty. Prior to the spring of 2023, this department was known as the Computer Information Systems Department. Publications and research are from the previous and current departments and begin in 2013 and extend to the present.


Submissions from 2023


On Teaching Multi-Criteria Decision Making with a Robot Assistant, Chen Zhang, Hakan Saraoglu, and David A. Louton

Submissions from 2021


Introduction to the Minitrack on Data Analytics, Data Mining and Machine Learning for Social Media, Jeffry S. Babb, Kevin D. Mentzer, and David J. Yates


Bracketology: Predicting Winners from Music March Madness, Kevin Mentzer, Zachary Galante, and Mark Frydenberg

Submissions from 2019


Realtime Object Detection via Deep Learning-based Pipelines, James G. Shanahan and Liang Dai

Submissions from 2018

Social Media Platforms, Social Capital, and Idea Co-creation: Towards a Theory of Social Ideation, Pratyush Bharati, Kai Du, Abhijit Chauhury, and Narendra M. Agrawal

Can Ego Defense Mechanism Help Explain IS Security Dysfunctional Behavior, Abhijit Chaudhury and Debasish Mallick


An Empirical Investigation Of Information Technology Mediated Customer Services In China, Jianhua Xiao and Suhong Li

Submissions from 2013

Organizational and Institutional Arrangements for E-Government: A Preliminary Report on Contemporary IT Management Approaches in US State Governments, M. Lynne Markus, Dax D. Jacobson, Quang Neo Bui, Kevin Mentzer, and Olivier Lisein