Technology Management Education in MBA Programs: A Comparative Study of Knowledge and Skill Requirements

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Published by Elsevier in the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, volume 17 issue 2, 2000. Bryant users may access this article here.


Technology management education; MBA programs; Curriculum design




This study attempts to explore the content and process of technology management education in the context of masters of business administration (MBA) programs in the US. Based on two mail surveys, the research identifies the knowledge and skills that are necessary for effective management of technology. Except for a few specific knowledge and skill areas, general agreement was found to exist between academicians and practitioners as to what knowledge and skills are important for effective management of technology. Knowledge of business strategy and competition, the strategic role of technology in business, new product development and the understanding of issues related to implementation of new technology were found to be important for management of technology. Moreover, effective oral and written communication and the ability to achieve implementation are considered essential skills for managing technology. Implications and future research directions are discussed.