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blockchain; blockchain fraud; tweets analytics

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International Association for Computer Information Systems


Blockchain has received increased attention from both the academic and practitioner worlds. Numerous papers have been written on how blockchain works and its potential applications. However, few studies have focused on fraudulent activities on blockchain. The purpose of this study is to understand common issues and scams related to blockchain. A literature review was conducted to identify top security issues on blockchain. In addition, we collected tweets on blockchain fraud discussion from November 6, 2018 to December 31, 2008. The results of tweets analysis show that the most frequently mentioned words in tweets include scams, crypto/cryptocurrency, ICO, Bitcoin, Ethereum,combat/fight, Asia, Japan, and Germany. The top mentioned sentiment words include scam, combat, guilty, prevent,solution, tired, and fake. In addition, a sentiment analysis shows that the majority of the tweets (69%) on the discussion on blockchain fraud are negative. The findings also shows the majority of top influencers of the topic are the companies that have developed blockchain-based platforms/applications.