Items listed include working or technical papers written and edited by Information Systems and Analytics Department faculty. Prior to the spring of 2023, this department was known as the Computer Information Systems Department. Publications and research are from the previous and current departments and begin in 2000 and extend to the present.


Manuscripts from 2005

Radio Frequency Identification Applications in Health Care, Angela M. Wicks, John K. Visich, and Suhong Li

Manuscripts from 2004

IT Enablers and Partner Relationship, the Keys to the Practices of Supply Chain Management, Suhong Li, Subba Rao, T. S. Ragu-Nathan, and Bhana Ragu-Nathan

Radio Frequency Identification: Supply Chain Impact and Implementation Challenges, Suhong Li and John K. Visich

Manuscripts from 2003

Predictive Analysis for Leveraging Product Sales Performance, Richard Glass

An Empirical Investigation of Student Perception and Selection of a CIS Minor Program in the College of Business, Suhong Li, Harold A. Records, and Kenneth T. Fougere

Securing Information Sharing in Internet-Based Supply Chain Management Systems, Chen Zhang and Suhong Li

Manuscripts from 2002

Small Business and the World Wide Web: A New Way of Doing Business for the New Millennium, Kenneth T. Fougere, Robert Behling, and Douglas Jobling

An Empirical Investigation of Supply Chain Management Practices , Suhong Li

The Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance , Suhong Li

Teaching Digital Multimedia as a Component of Business Education , Harold A. Records and Ronald E. Pitt

Manuscripts from 2001

Investigation of Factors that Influence the Adoption of the Web in E-Learning Environments, Abhijit Chaudhury

Manuscripts from 2000

The Internet, Value Chain Visibility and Learning, Abhijit Chaudhury

Electronic Commerce: An Examination of Skills for a Successful Developer, Kenneth Sousa and Kenneth T. Fougere