Morris Cofman


World War II;James Moynihan

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April 20, 1943

Dear Miss Blaney,

It’s been only about four weeks since I left Bryant College for the Army, but it has seemed like ages. I don’t have the chance of forgetting Bryant as you probably know, I am here with fifteen other students from Bryant also and makes everything just perfect, as we are all in the same Co. and Regiment. We go out weekends together and we bring up Bryant very often, the subjects are of the times we spent there and then we get to thinking of what[’]s going on now while we work our heads off here, and also who is taking our place with the fair youn[g] maidons [sic].

The first chance we get when each and everyone of us are together in one group, we are going to take pictures and then we’ll send them in to you. I won’t bother and give you the names of all the boys here as James Moynaham [sic] told me that he had already written to you and told you who they were.

In closing may I say that I’m sure nothing would make me happier than to hear from Bryant regular, in that way it will kind of keep me close until I get back.

Yours for Victory,
Pvt. Morris Cofman [Transcription ends]