Morris Cofman

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April 19, 1944

Bryant Service Club,

Thanks again for another swell package and also another interesting letter about all the other Bryant boys in the service all over the world.

I certainly appreciate those packages for as I once wrote before, it keeps me close to Bryant and keeps bringing back many enjoyable days and also evenings I spent there waiting for the light on Stowell’s porch to blink and tell me to hurry. - I hope it won’t be long before we can all be back and take on where we left.

I have been fortunate, for I was transferred from Ft. Devens, Mass Hq. Det. after being down in Virginia one year. I don’t know how long I’m to be here, but as long as I’m here why I’ll be satisfied. I’ve been coming home every weekend and I’ve been up to Bryant quite often- one of it’s buildings anyway.-

I must get back to my work, so thanks again and I do hope to hear from you all again.

Yours for Victory
Morris Cofman

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