The Influence of Uncertainty and Social Support on Information Seeking Concerning Illicit Stimulant Use Among Young Adults

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Health Communication


Using the Theory of Motivated Information Management (TMIM) and the concept of desired informational support as a framework, this project examined factors in the information management process young adults employ in potential information seeking about illicit stimulant drug use with members of their social networks. One hundred and seventy-three individuals participated in the study. Results indicated that (a) uncertainty discrepancy and the desire for informational support covaried, and (b) uncertainty discrepancy, anxiety, and outcome expectancy had significant impacts on the efficacy judgments made by individuals with regard to potential information seeking with their social networks about their stimulant drug use. The study thus provides further evidence for the utility of TMIM as a framework for understanding health communication in regard to drug use, and suggests that desired informational support may be a useful addition to the model for this health issue.

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