Romantic Reconciliation as Influenced by Implicit Theories of Relationships and Information Seeking Style

Megan R. Dillow, West Virginia University
Christopher R. Morse, Bryant University
Walid A. Afifi, University of California, Santa Barbara

Document Type Article

Published in Human Communication, volume 11 issue 3, 2008. Bryant users may access this article here.


This investigation examined the associations among implicit theories about the nature of relationships, information-seeking style, and the desire to reconcile. Participants included 217 individuals who were asked to recall a romantic relationship breakup that had occurred within 4 months of their participation in the study, and then complete a survey assessing implicit theories, information-seeking style, and desire for reconciliation. Findings revealed that implicit theories influence information seeking style. Furthermore, information seeking style was shown to impact desire for reconciliation. These results illustrate the importance of investigating factors that impact romantic relationship reconciliation, a currently under-researched component of relational development.