WWII;James J. Connery, Jr., Fort McClellan

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June 27, 1943

Dear Members of the Bryant Service Club,

I guess that it’s about time, that I wrote. In case you don’t know, I’ve been in the army since May 7, when I left for Fort Devens. After being there for 18 days, I was shipped down here, where I’m in the infantry. Yes, it is a far cry from Bryant and I certainly miss Bryant. I was in the Senior Accountancy and Finance class when I was inducted.

How are things going at Bryant? I suppose that they haven’t changed much, if any. I heard that the senior classes are being completed June 30. What other news is there? Are the draftees going very fast now? Do you still have assemblies about once a month?

I am now in my basic training of 13 weeks. This is my fifth week.

There are a scattered few down here from Providence and others from Massachusetts, but the great majority of the trainees (privates) here are from Pennsylvania.

I hope to hear from the letter-writing committee soon.

So long,
James J. Connery, Jr.
[Transcription ends]