World War II;Camp Pickett;United States Army; Medical Replacement Training Center

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Co D, 3rd M.T.B.
Bks. 1260, M.R.T.C.
Camp Pickett, Va.
December 28, 1942

The Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.


Thank you for a very fine and useful Christmas present. It is just what I needed. A glance at those stockings makes me feel warm all over.

Camp Pickett is not a small camp, you can very easily get lost, even after a few months stay here.

Here in the Medical Replacement Training Center, I am assigned to Company D as an assistant personnel clerk at Headquarters. In this capacity I handle service records, which is the complete history of the soldier’s Army life, correspondence, discharges, payrolls, transfers and allotments of the enlisted men.

The work is interesting and is the type I am best fitted for, as a noncombatant soldier, by reason of my Bryant training.

I had never heard of the Service Club before but am sure that you made this a pleasanter Christmas for the boys from Bryant now in the Services as you made it for me.

Best wishes,
Corporal Alvin J. Connors, Jr.

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