World War II;Wally Brahmer;Adjutant Generals School; Fort Washington, Maryland;Fort Sheridan, Illinois;Major Lee

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1672 S U
Ft. Sheridan, Ill.
2 January 1944

Greetings and Salutations,

It is always a pleasure to read your newsy letters, to note the doings at Bryant and the visits of Bryant Servicemen and woman. I noted very little news of the men of ’35, it is little wonder they have tome to write if they are as busy as I.

In my travels I have met several, who knew somebody that went to Bryant, but I have never met a Bryant man. The officer I share a room with here used to work with Wally Brahmer.

Just recently I graduated from the Adjutant Generals’ School at Fort Washington, Maryalnd [sic], and was commissioned a 2nd Lt. AUS.

Right now I am stationed here at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. It is one of the newer of the old Army posts, and is situated right on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is cold here, a damp cold that goes right though you. I’d take Providence in preference any day, but those days are in the distant future. The people out here are friendly, however, and try to do everything possible to make the servicemen feel at home.

I hope to see a little of Chicago, and would appreciate it, if you would send me major Lees address.

I want to thank you again for your letters and gifts, and wish you a successful and happy new year.

Sincerely yours,
Alvin J. Connors Jr.

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