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March 23, 1943

To the Bryant Service Club:

The other day I received your most enlightning [sic] letter and I wish to thank you very much for it. There is really no other event I look forward to more than receiving letters for it brings back sweet memories to me.

Since I have been in the Army I have been very lucky for I have seen Miami Beach, Florida and from there I was sent to Los Angeles, California for training in the Administrative and Technical School. There I studied to be an Engineering and Operations Clerk which deals mainly in forms and the preparation of them for planes and their flights. It is really most interesting and I only hope that I can continue in this type of work.

After Los Angeles I was shipped to the Army Air Base at Colorado Springs, Colorado where I was put through thirty days of overseas training which every one who comes on this field must go through. My thirty days has just ended and now I am in the 11th Photographic Mapping Squadron for additional training in my type of work. However, so far they have me in the supply department, but this is only temporary as we are waiting for our Line Passes so that we can go on the field and work in either the Engine ring or the Operations offices. I believe that by the end of next week I will be stationed in the office where I shall get trained for the type of work I shall do.

Receiving your letters brought back many of the events that happened to me during the years 1938-1940 and started me thinking about the many friends I had made during the time I spent there. It really was the best two years of my life, and I shall never forget the good times I had there. I only hope that some day I will be able to get near enough to Providence so that I will be able to come in and say hello to all of you.

I must at this time convey my best wishes to Prof. Shors and Prof. Lee for their commissions in the armed forces. I am sure they will go just as far in their new endeavor as they did as professors. I had both of them and they did much in getting over to me the complicated subject of Accounting. Also, I wish to send my regards to all the other professors that I had at the time I was in Bryant and hope they have continued success in whatever they are doing.

Well, I guess I must end this letter now as work never stops in the Army. However before I do I wish to say that the Bryant Service Club is one of the best organizations I have found since I have been in the Army, and congratulations are really in order for all you have done and will do.

Your former student,
Carlo Conte

My new address:
Pvt. Carlo Conte
11th Photo Sqdn (H)
Peterson Field, AAB
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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