World War II


[Transcription begins]

Camp Barkeley, Texas

3 January 1943

Dear Miss Blaney,

Just a few lines to let you know where they finally sent Uncle Sam’s chubby nephew. As you can see from the heading, it is just a stone’s throw from home.

I miss the East very much. In Texas, the days are rather warm and the nights very cold. Especially at this time of year, there is a great deal of wind. There is not a tree in sight on the Post and outside the Post there is just scrub. The only hills one sees are the plateaus. No flowers, no green grass, nothing but plain flat land.

My work so far has been varied. I am connected with Regimental Headquarters and work with the Personnel Officer and the Colonel’s Adjutant. However, I expect a change very shortly as there are new orders coming in.

We are going to school to learn how to be clerks and also the administration of this particular corps. While we are going to school in the evening, we will also be working in the field receiving our basic training one day and clerking at Headquarters the next day. I can understand now why some of the boys did not answer the BSC’s letters and gifts. I even work on Sundays.

I should appreciate it very much if you would say hello to everyone at Bryant and especially the BSC.

I have just been ordered to drive the Adjutant around the Post this afternoon so I must end this letter before he calls me. You see we do everything here at Headquarters. The orderlys [sic] are all busy and so one of the clerks must drive him. I have been elected.

I shall be very glad to hear from you. I have just been called, so “Bye now.”

Nick Coracci [Transcription ends]