World War II


[Transcription begins]

Office of the Commanding General

Fort Sam Houston, Texas
17 September 1943

SUBJECT: Receipt of Gift

TO : CHAIRMAN, Cigarette Committee, Bryant Service Club, Bryant College, Providence, Rhode Island

1. I am indeed sorry to have to admit my guilt in not acknowledging receipt of the gift which the BSC was so kind to send to me. It goes without saying that I ENJOYED every cigarette. I also ENJOY the honor the BSC bestows upon me in remembering a former member.

2. It gets pretty dull at times around an army camp and the gift from the BSC has that enchanting spark which brightens everything up for the recipient. Believe me, it is a gift, though at times we fail to acknowledge receiving it, which will always remain in our memory garden and planted so deep that it will take more than a few Japs or Germans to uproot it.

3. I enjoyed your letter and the list of addresses immensely. In fact, the list gave me a few addresses I was looking for. No matter what the BSC does, it helps the men in the Services.

4. Please remember me to every member of BSC and to everyone at Bryant College. I imagine, however, that everyone is a member of the BSC and the latter part of that statement is superfluous.

5. Good luck and thanks a million!

Sgt, Hq Det, Third Army
G-3 Section [Transcription ends]