World War II


[Transcription begins]

December 26, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.


Thank you for the candy. It is nice to receive things and mail from New England. I like to receive the Bulletin even better. I should bring you up-to-date on my address and title. It is now --
Corporal C. L. Crawley
3rd Airways Communications Sq.
Army Air Base
Eagle Pass, Texas.

I am a Control Tower Operator and by no stretch of the imagination can Bryant College take credit for making a so-called radio man out of me. When I was inducted I asked to be placed in “Finance” but four days later I was in the Air Force and the first of June I was in Radio School. So I don’t know what to advise potential draftees to ask for when the time comes. One thing about it, though, it sure is a snap in the Army. Just drill, that’s all.

Give my best wishes for a Happy New Year to Mssrs. [sic] Lambert, Lee, Naylor and Gulski and tell those old men to stay out of the Army. It is bad enough for us young, single men.

I have just spent the queerest Christmas. I went to town last night in shirt-sleeves. Never did that in New England this time of year. Was talking to a girl last night who has only seen snow which really covered the ground once in 24 years. They just use natural gas for heat. The gas rationing is tough on the people down here. All these little towns are at least 40 miles apart. So what is a rancher going to do about his mail on 4 gallons of gas per week? And this is where they grow the stuff. Best wishes to all of you.

Len Crawley ‘36 [Transcription ends]