World War II


[Transcription begins]

Thursday, April 13, 1944

To The Bryant Service Club,

Many thanks for the candy. We all appreciate a box of candy. It goes quite quickly in this office. Helps one to digest the dust better. Also was glad to receive your letter though the names mentioned are those of men after my time. The records will show that I have been out of school for quite a long time. You don’t have to change my address. I am living right here among the dust clouds.

Today was a nice day. Sun shined all day and the wind only reached 55 miles per hour. I don’t think there is over a quarter of an inch of sand on the floor. We will sweep it out in the morning and see how much we can accumulate on Friday. It is a good country to raise cattle anyway.

Best of Luck to All,
Len Crawley [Transcription ends]