[Transcription begins]

February 13, 1944

Dear Service Club,

It seems as though I have neglected my duty to keep you informed on my addresses. They have changed so many times in the past six months that I often have to stop and think what the correct one might be.

Your Christmas wishes took three months to reach me but they were still most welcome as they contained so much interesting news. I never did think Mr. Naylor would take the wonderful step but I guess it is a very easy thing to do these days with men so greatly outnumbered. Even I was able to march down the isle [sic] in September. My favorite strawberry blonde was Dorothy L. Reed, Class of ‘37, before her name was changed.

I did visit college in September late one afternoon. The only person I saw was Dean Gulski working just as hard as ever. I noticed he had female secretaries instead of a male as was the case in the days when. The states certainly did change during the year I was in Iceland.

Walt Crawley’38 [Transcription ends]