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C. Dickenman Sp. 1/c (CW)
CGC IRONWOOD, c/o Fleet P.O.
San Francisco, California
January 16, 1945

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Hope Street
Providence, Rhode Island

"Somewhere" in the South Pacific

Dear Club Members:

Just a line or two to express my appreciation and acknowledgement for the Christmas gift which I received several days ago. If all Bryant grads appreciated the gift as I did, you[r] work is not in vain, as you're doing a swell job.

To all those who still remember me, I send my best regards, and hope this conflict ends soon, so that we may all enjoy one of those Alumni and Graduation Proms at the Biltmore.

Thanks again,

I remain,
C. Dickenman
C. Dickenman '41
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