George T. Dion


World War II; Air Corps.

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Jan. 23, 1944

Friends at Bryant:

First of all let me apologize in being so delinquent in writing. The fact is I’ve been moving so much I was reluctant to write for fear my address would change within a few days.

After leaving Mississippi I transferred to Texas, Florida and finally up here. I received the Christmas package and letter and believe me you will never know just how much they meant to me. The mention of friends brought back to memory many fond remembrances.

I don’t suppose I can add to the many praises which the Bryant Service Club has received, but believe me your fine work is not passing unappreciated.

Thanks again and I’d love to hear from all of you again individually or collectively.

George T. Dion 43

P.S. I’ve been transferred to the Air Corp. I’m now attending school here. [Transcription ends]