Helen Keller

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Helen Keller;Henry Loeb Jacobs;Honorary Degrees


Dear President Jacobs,

I am truly grateful for the distinguised compliment which Bryant College has paid me by offering the Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration. I feel richly recompensed when others approve my endeavors and say that what I have done encourages them to make more of their faculties and opportunities.

However, owing to the exacting nature of my work, I decided years ago not to accept any degrees. Already I have refused a number, including one from the University if my native state. You will understand, I am sure, how embarrassing it would be for me to depart from this course now. I must be content to thank th Faculty of Bryant College for their gracious thought of me, and wish them ever greater accomplishment in fitting women for service to the community and to a country whose problems ceaselessly demand constructive citizenship. Please convey my kindest greetings to Miss Blaney and believe me,

Sincerely and appreciatively yours,
Helen Keller
Harvard House
Westport, Conn.
May fifth, 1939