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Atlanta, Georgia
July 12, 1943.

Bryant Service Club,
c/o Bryant College,
Providence, R.I.

I received your Memorial Day letter and was pleased to hear of all the wonderful news it contained.

The list you have published of all our men in the Service is most welcome. Often I have wondered where my fellow classmates have gone. I shall write to some of them in the very near future, and wish to thank you for all the effort necessary on your part to enable me to do so.

Please excuse my neglect in not acknowledging receipt of the last package sent to me. At the time I received your gift, my folks were paying me a visit, and in my excitement and joy at having them here I am afraid I forgot all else. But let me assure you that it was no less graciously received than all your other fine gifts and I sincerely appreciate it very much.

My address is still the same except that I have been promoted to Chief Warrant Officer.

Let us all hope that the day of the Bryant Alumni Re-Union is not far off, and that the number of men missing as a result of this war will be few and far between.

Bob Donaldson, ‘40 [Transcription ends]