WWII;Robert J. Donaldson

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13 Dec. 43

Dear Students of Bryant:

Yesterday I received your letter, and was very well pleased with all the news it contained. It certainly was swell to know that some of our missing boys have turned up to carry on again, the work they were doing over there.

And I was surprised to find that the list of service men has grown so long. It really creates quite a problem for you who strive, and succeed, so valiently in sending us our gifts. The faculty certainly has held up their own in sending men into the service also.

But that was yesterday. Today I received your Christmas package. Let me thank each one of you individually for your generosity and thoughtfulness. It certainly is gratifying to know that the people at home think of us, and wish us well with your gifts.

I sincerely hope that all your festivities are a huge success in the coming year. How could they be otherwise with such a hard working group?

Thank you again for everything, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

R. Donaldson
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