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My Darling,

When I got home from work tonight found two valentines and a letter from you. You’re so sweet, honey- Happy Valentine’s day, darling.

This letter certainly isn’t progressing very rapidly. Interruptions- always interruptions. Let’s see, where was I.

Oh, yes, happy- oh I said that already as you can tell I’m a little confused.

Have you told Sweetie what time we’re getting married? What a nice sound that has. Will he be able to get there in time? How far away are you from him?

It’s freezing in here- I’m curled up under a blanket. Wish you were here honey. Boy will I be glad to get down there where it’s nice and warm. Probably the temperature will hit an all time low march 9th.

Golly, darling, why does time go so darned slowly when we’re apart and so fast the minute we’re together.

Trying to locate my calendar now to count the days until March 11th. About five times a day I count and always get the same answer.

Found it. Only 25 more days, darling. Will you be able to see us at all. I hope that we can be together for a while before we’re married. Everyone keeps telling me that’s the happiest time- fine thing, that’s very encouraging. But it certainly has been wonderful even though we weren’t together very much.

In 12 more days I won’t be working. That will be so nice. Lying in bed all morning, what a lovely dream. Golly, I won’t be able to lie in bed in the morning until after we’re married- I’ll have to much to do.

Remember that street car conductor that I told you about. He married 12 women + said he must have been crazy. He looked like such a wonderful nice old man. That just goes to prove- you never can tell about men!

Oh, honey, I finally found a Valentine that was half way what I wanted. You probably won’t get it until after Valentine’s day. Anyway, the thought was there.

What a day. We got out early today again. Thank goodness. I’m sorry that I didn’t write last night or at least I don’t think I did. At this point I’m not sure about anything. Honestly, what a fog I’m in.

Anyhow to get back to last night. Went to see “The Very Thought of You”. Gee, it was cute- Have you seen it? It reminded me so much of you + I + Woody + Steve. Almost any picture lately reminds me of you though.

You wrote in your letter last Friday that you missed me that night more than usual. It’s the strangest thing but I missed you more that night and loved you more than usual. Isn’t that strange.

That Jack Carson show is on again. He’s in a plane sitting in a bomb bay, or on it or whatever you do in a bomb bay door. Anyway, Jack wanted to know what to do if the bomb bay doors opened. Teacher said pick out a nice German factory and don’t forget to go “bang” when you hit it.

Gee, darling, I love you so much. I wish we were together tonight and every night.

Gee, honey, I hope you get that night flying over with soon. You’ll be so tired if you don’t try to get as much rest as you can before we come down.

When do you start on your night cross countries? How many do you have? On those x countries, honey, do you fly more than four hours?

I love the way you tell me that you’re going to try to call me and then you never call when you plan to + besides I always get the letters days after you’ve called.

I’m so glad that you’re going to get the rings, honey. I wasn’t looking forward to picking them out at all. Oh, don’t forget I wear 3 ½. I had the engagement ring 3 34/4 but it’s too big and slides all around – 3 ½ was what he wanted me to have but I never take advice. Have to find out for myself.

We don’t have wedding invitations, honey, but we will have announcements. So if you’ll be a good little angel and sit down and make out a list of all your friends that you’d like to tell you’re married, it will help no end. That’s a pretty big order, I know but about how many people would you like to send them to? Give me a rough idea. Not too rough but a good guess. Overestimate rather than underestimate- they’ll probably be millions because I can think of millions off hand.

Gee, darling, I wish you were still at Stewart Field- that stationary brings back memories- wasn’t it wonderful when you were getting home every weekend?

We were so lucky, hon, to have so much time together.

You cost me no end of money lately with all this writing- Because at this point I’m all out of envelopes again. Don’t have any idea of how I’ll mail tis.

Yes, honey, that’s the way I figured it out. Texas just should have horses- It sounds very logical. Remember the Rodeo? I hope that we can find some horses because I love riding so. We still haven’t gone together. Every weekend it gets colder + colder or snows or something and I don’t go maybe next weekend.

Gee, darling, I wish I could get a sunburn before the wedding. It would look so nice with a white dress.

How many hours do you have now, honey?

Charlotte’s definitely coming down as you probably know by now. I’m so glad because I wanted someone I knew to be there. What did you do about the rooms honey? Did you change the reservations? What did you get? They’re going to get mighty tired of your changing our reservations all the times. We’d all like to be together if possible. If they have a double bed + a single in one room that would be all right. Charlotte and I could sleep on a windowsill.

Honestly, honey, you and weather- It’s really pitiful. I do wish you’d carry a thermometer around with you for a few hours and find out the temperature is.

Do you think the nights will stay real cool? My fur coat, haven’t worn it since you left.

Gee, how exciting, a June bride by temperature. Honestly, what a wedding! Golly, nothing normal or usual ever happens to us.

If you go over from the West Coast, darling, can I be with you in California until you go over? Then maybe I could study in California for a while and work in a B-29 factory and do something to help you. I wouldn’t mind doing anything if it would help bring you home sooner.

Honey, there isn’t much change of your going to Europe honey, is there? I wish they’d send you to England. At least you get home once in a while there.

Well, honey 24 weeks will be over in about the end of August of the beginning of September. And you were the one who gave me the idea that you’d be in combat before October, honey. That’s one thing, honey, don’t try to keep anything from one for fear that I’ll worry or anything like that. Maybe I will to a certain extent but I’d be too busy being happy in the time that we had to worry about when you were going over. But, as you said, that’s a long way off, honey and we’ll think about that later.

Gee, honey, in the movies they always think of so many ways to tell each other how much they love each other but I never can- Aught to change my writers- get new ideas. But I do love you so, darling. Someday, maybe, you’ll know how much.

Every once in a while I just can’t believe that it’s happening to us. You’re so wonderful, honey and it just seems too wonderful to believe. Golly, March 11th will certainly be some day for you. Getting your wings and married in the same day- within a few hours, too. I have to keep writing because I don’t have any envelope, I didn’t think so this will go on indefinitely, on second thought I’d better not- Have a few real tiny envelopes.

Golly, darling, imagine us getting married. I still can’t believe it. It’s marvelous to be in love with you. You’re so wonderful and sweet.

Did you get the rings yet honey? Don’t forget to tell me when you do.

Oh, honey, please tell me about the scotch. I’ve got to know soon, honey or it will be too late to get any.

May go to the movies with Daddy tomorrow night but I’ll write no matter how short it is.

I love you more than anything in the world. I’ll love you with all my heart.



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