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Sunday 520

My darling,

Just got home a few minutes ago. Golly, honey, I’ve really got it bad. I’m so in love with you. I wanted to be alone with you for a while today but it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t. there were a couple of things I was going to say—nothing important but it’s undoubtedly for the best that we weren’t alone today.

What a bunch of moods we went through last night. Just about every one in the books—or don’t they have a book of moods?

Gee, honey, you’re so wonderful and patient—I love you so. The more I think about March, the further it seems away. Gee, honey, will it ever get here. Everyone else says it will be here before I know it. I wish I could believe that. Time sure flies when I’m with you but golly, darling, when you’re not around, every minute drags. I love you so, honey.

Judson, I know that I’ve never been in love with anyone before. There could never be anyone else for me either, darling. You’ve spoiled me for every other male. There isn’t a man living who could compare to you. I love you so, darling. I only wish that I could show you how much I love you. That’s one thing I’ll never be able to do.

I love you so, my darling. Honestly, you’re so sweet and thoughtful. How can anyone be as wonderful as you.

Judson, I do hate to be away from you even for a few minutes. These next two months will be murder, darling, I don’t know what I’ll ever do without you for two whole months.

Darling, I’m in a rut. I can’t think of anything but you & being near you. That’s the only thing I care to think about, too.

Hon, this can’t go on much longer. Golly, I love you so. Weekends go so fast now. This one just flew so awfully fast. Darling, I meant to thank you for having us up to the Air Show. It was wonderful. Gee, those planes were beautiful. I can understand how you love them so much & I wish I could fly with you. It was a wonderful show & you’re wonderful, too. What a one track mind I have, darling.

How do you like this short little letter, my darling? I just go on & on writing to you. You’re so marvelous & I love you.

Honey, it just doesn’t seem possible. Really, I was so sure that I never could love you any more than I did before but—well, it’s the same old story. I love you so much more, my darling. It just doesn’t seem possible, honey, that I could love anyone this much.

Well, my darling, please write often. I love you so. Oh, tell Steve I’ll try to write him tomorrow. I don’t have anything to tell him, though because I’m in such a fog that I wouldn’t hear anything anyone said to me.

What did you do after you left us tonight. Golly, I hated to leave you today, honey. Well, hon, I’ve got to get to sleep. It’s about 7:30 and I’ll probably get there about none.

I love you.

All my love,
[Transcription ends]