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Dorothy Six
8 Brookside Avenue
Pelham 65, N. Y.

A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5, Class 45-A
Cadet Detachment
Stewart Field
Newburgh, New York

[Transcription begins]:

Dearest Judson,

Well, I’m at work now. We’re not doing much of anything right now so I decided it was time to write you. We’re all freezing to death now. This really is Penumonia [sic] Alley. All of us have neat colds. Everyone is blowing at the same time. It’s all very exciting. What a place. We’re all half asleep and look like death warmed over.

Well, did you get back to camp all right? I sure hated to see you leave yesterday. By now, you’ve had a chance to talk to Steve. Please tell me what he had to say about Woody. You’re so mean. I know darn well he tells you exactly what happened.

Have you heard any more about where you may be sent? They just can’t send you too far away. There aren’t any fields near here, are there? I wish they’d decide to keep you here for Advanced.

Won’t it be neat for Bobby when Ace gets home. I’ll bet she’ll be in a fog too. Golly, honey, I wish you’d get seven days off. You’ll know by Christmas where you’re going for Advanced, won’t you? Maybe you’ll be able to get home longer with a delay. Oh, well, I can dream.

It’s awfully hard to write here. I meant to send you the clipping from the papers but I forgot to put it in your letter this morning. I hope I can remember tonight.

Gee, it seemed so queer to get up this morning & catch a train. I would have loved to just stay in bed. Golly, I’m tired. Shouldn’t be because I had over ten hours of sleep last night. I love you so, honey. It seems years since yesterday when I saw you.

What are we going to do without the car. That’s a major catastrophe, too. What will we do. I’m sure Daddy will never lend anyone his car, especially not you. Remember he was in the back seat that day when you drove to New York & just missed a couple of trucks. Well, I won’t say anything to him but I’m sure you won’t get it.

Honey, I’m so lonesome. I love you so & miss you awfully when I get in one of my moods. We’re both moody but you’re usually in a pretty good mood. If we do have a fight, it should be a real bitter one because we both have terrific tempers. I can’t imagine being mad at you though. I wonder if we’ll get real mad at each other, honey. I just can’t imagine us saying mean things to each other. I haven’t really seen you very angry but I can guess what you’d be like. I hope we both don’t get in one of those fighting moods at the same time.

Gee, I love you honey. It’s time for lunch & I have to go to Macy’s & half a dozen places to try to get some Christmas shopping done.

Hello, darling, I’m home now. Just finished cutting some more pictures out of the Pelham Sun. Lord, it seems endless. Daddy must have bought every copy they printed this week. I still have a stack to cut out but I’ll do that tomorrow. I didn’t do a darned thing tonight & it’s almost nine o’clock already. There were half a million things that needed to be done to[o]. Well, maybe tomorrow night I’ll get to them.

Golly, honey, I love you so. I got home tonight and wasn’t expecting a letter from you because you said you hadn’t written on Friday. Then I was so surprised because there was a letter you’d written on Thursday. It was a wonderful surprise, honey—I love your letters & you, too.

Guess what—I got paid for last Friday (the day after I sprained my ankle.) They made a mistake and I’m very happy about the whole thing. I’m broke already. Can’t hold on to my money at all. That’s going to help a lot, huh.

Oh, so far they haven’t said anything about whether I’m fired or not. I’m happy though. If they do fire me, then I’ll just have to look for another job. Hope they wait until the Spring stock comes in so that I can get the dresses I want.

Honey, about our honeymoon— I just hate the cold. I’m never healthy when it’s winter and not happy at all. I’d hate to stay where it’s cold during our honeymoon and it is warm in Flordia [sic] during March!! There are some places where it isn’t but near the coast it is warm. It begins to warm up in January & February. I knew you weren’t right. Maybe you are partly right because there are a few places where it’s not to[o] hot but that’s inland. When we first talked about it you said you wanted to go South & swim & play tennis & ride, remember? That’s what I’d like to do, really. What made you decide on going North?

There’s another thing I’d like to speak to you about. All week long, honey, I ask you questions in my letters and then you write back and don’t answer any of them. Please, darling, write me and answer all the questions that I’ve been asking you!!!!

Right now the only thing I could find was the article in the Pelham Sun and you have that don’t you, hon? I’ll send it to you anyhow.

Gee, honey, I wish you could be home every night and that there wasn’t a war. It would be wonderful to see you all the time. Gee, I love you.

Darling, you’re just everything I’ve ever wanted in a fellow. Guess I’ve told you that about ten or 15 thousand times but you’re so sweet and thoughtful.

Did you go on that Cross Country trip yet? Please be careful, honey. I wish that I knew how to fly. It must be wonderful. Golly, honey—that AT-6 at the Air Show was nice. It looked so complicated—You’re wonderful. What do you think you’ll fly in advanced? You want to fly a B-24, don’t you?

How is Steve? I still have to write that note to him. I’ll try to do it tomorrow. Whenever I plan to do something, it never comes out right. I keep forgetting to write to him.

I love you so, my darling. Every moment I’m away from you seems like a million years. You’re so sweet and I love you so.

Wish that I could write more, hon, but it’s getting pretty late and I have loads of things I should do. Oh, what the heck, I’ll do them tomorrow. Trish [?] was cutting her hair this afternoon and that reminded me that mine needed it. I cornered Corinne and she cut my hair. It feels much better now.

Corinne’s so lucky. She’s going down to Flordia [sic] to be with her husband. I wish I could go someplace to be with you & we were married. Gee, honey, March doesn’t seem to be getting any nearer.

Do you remember Maryalyce Hurley—Well, she was in our class & was one of my friends. She’s a swell kid & wants to meet you. I told her we’d stop over for a few minutes soon. Everyone wants to see you. She knows you vaguely but not well.

Darling, I love you so—This is awful. I do wish we could be together more & longer. Days without you are so long but when you’re home on weekends, time passes so darned fast.

I’ll bet Bobby is awfully happy now. It must be real nice to have something like that to look forward to. I wish we could be married by Christmas so that we’d have those couple of days together. Oh, well, I guess it’s best this way.

Honey, I never can say anything to you when we’re together that I should say. There really are loads of things that we should talk about before we’re married but I never can think of a darned thing except that I love you. There are so many things we should get settled before you go but I never remember—Gee, I love you.

Well darling, I really have to go to bed now. Have to unbandage my ankle & take a bath. What a life.

Gee, I love you so.

Please try to write every night, honey. I love you so. Letters from you are so cheerfulish. I do love you so and you’re so wonderful.

Say hello to Steve and tell him that if he’s patient I’ll write pretty soon.

I love you so, my darling. Please write soon & be good. I love you, my darling. You’re the sweetest & wonderfulist person in the world.

I love you.

All my love,

P. S. Did you think of a song yet, darling? I’m sorry about “Together” but I’m very [”superstic” written and then crossed out] can’t spell it but anyway I love you.
[Transcription ends]